Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blogging Hours Outside of the Classroom

It has to be pretty tough for the dog to eat this homework! 

When thinking about the ways that a blog can be incorporated in the classroom, the focus of this networking device would be done primarily outside of the “classroom”.  As a Physical Education teacher, the possibility to seek blogs or use them within the confines of a gymnasium just do not add up.

To me a blog is the new and hip teacher webpage that is shrewdly thrown together and may have random links.  If blogging is “in” then why not connect with the students that feel such a way right?

Student’s like videos and colorful stimulation too, do they not?  With the ability to embed videos and photos, blogs can become a great portal to send students to after the school day is over to complete a lesson.  This brings me back to a lesson on how to pitch I used with my baseball team and wanted to show them a really good video; this would be just the pathway.

By viewing these videos through such an interface, the students now have the opportunity to respond on the spot for immediate and more thorough input.  With activity being paramount in Physical Education, this also saves time in the class setting.

For students in grades 6-12, the ability to continue to enhance their literacy through a subject that is taught in a room without desks, pens or paper readily available is undoubtedly a benefit for the student. 


  1. I understand that it would be difficult to incorporate blogging during gym class. My only concern is will be mandatory for students to blog? The reason I ask that questions is there are still some families that don’t have access to the internet. I found this somewhat surprise this school year which was my first year. I just assume that a computer/internet was just a common a television in a household. You might say they could to the public library. I have made that suggestion to several students and these are some of the comments I received: My mom said she is not wasting her gas, My parents don’t have a car, and my parents car don’t work. How do you plan on overcoming the situation that may arise from these students? One suggestion would be giving the students a timeline where certain activities must be completed. This will give students and parents’ time to make plans to get the assignment done. The students need to take responsibility in trying to complete the assignment at school. Most of the time there are several opportunities available for students to complete their work but they don’t take advantage of it.

  2. Rich,

    Your idea is the first thing that came to mind when I was thinking about blogging in physical education. Our students having an opportunity to break down skills through the use of video is a excellent idea. Like you mention, this has been taken advantage of in the sporting world for many many years. I remember having this opportunity in college when I took a class called biomechanics. In this class we would work with a small group of classmates breaking down videos of skills performed by other students. The visual cues or breakdown of skills was so helpful. This would be great if our students had access to computers at their homes.

  3. You guys make some valid points. Just because WE have technology does not mean THEY have it. With that said, we can not inhibit technology for all, we just need to consider them.